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Caves of Iran
02-04-2012, 04:56 PM (This post was last modified: 02-04-2012 07:23 PM by Ardsol.)
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Caves of Iran

Caves of Iran

Major Caves of Iran
Iran is home of many wonderful caves. Here you can find just some major
and famous of extensive collection of natural and artificial caves of Iran.
For more details visit Iran Nature and Mount Damavand Guide.

[Image: Karafto-Cave15.JPG]
Karafto Cave Iran
Photo A. Soltani

Ali Sadr Cave
Ali Sadr Cave Hamedan, Iran, water cave.
AliSadr Cave or (Ghar e Ali Sadr) is one of the most famous and wonderful aquatic caves of the world.
It is located near Ali-Sadr (or Ali-Sard) Village about 70 km from Hamedan.

Blind Fish Cave
Blind Fish Ghar is located near the Tangue Haft, after the Bisheh railway station in Zagros Mountain.

Bournic Cave
Ghar Borunic is located at 135 km North East of Tehran, on Tehran to Firouzkooh Road.
(or 23 km in Southwest of Firouz-Kooh, about 6 km from Herandeh Village).

Chal Nakhgir Cave
Or Ghar Chal-Nakhgir, it is located near Delijan city (about 12 km outside the city).
It is about 1700 m above the sea level.

Ghouri Ghale Cave
Qori Qaleh Cave Kermanshah, natural.
Also called Gouri Gale or Quori Qaleh Cave, is the biggest cave in Asia.
It stands in the magnificent valley of Haft Maran, 10 km from the city of Paveh.

Hameloon Cave
It is located about 45 km northeast of Tehran on the road to Meigon-Shemshak.

Houto Cave
There are two caves about 250 meters apart from each other.
Houto Cave (or Ghar Houto) is in the North of Iran, near Nov Shahr city.

Karafto Cave
Karafto Cave, natural and historical, Persian Fire Temple,Temple of Heracles.
located 72 km east of Seqiz City, Kordestan, Iran.

Kashcool or Afghan Cave
Ghar-Kashcool or “Afghan” It is located in a smooth plain near the Black Mountain.
This cave stands about 60 km from Djavad-Abad, about 20 km from Varamain City.

Kattaleh Khor Cave
KataleKhor Cave Zanjan, natural and historical.
Ghar Kattaleh-Khor in Zanjan, it stands about 140 km from Zanjon or 6 km from Garmab Village. Elevation about 1750 m.

Moon Caves
Pol e Moon, natural and historical.

Parau Cave
Ghar-e-Parau, North of Kerman Shah.
Iran’s deepest cave, or the Everest of the world caves, it is 300 m below the Mount Parau (Kuh-e-Parau) 3,357 m.

Roodafshan Cave
Northeast of Tehran, Tehran to Firouz Khouh road, after Damavand City,

Sahoulan Cave
Sahoolan, Mahabad, Natural National Monument Aquatic.
Sahoolan cave is located 35 Km from Mahabad to Boukan road. The altitude of the cave is about 2200 meters.

Shahpour Cave
Shapour Cave Kazeroon, natural and historical.
It is located on the northwestern cliff of the Chowgan Valley, about 120 km from Shiraz to Baushehr road.

Vara Cave
Wara, Jahrom, historical.
It is located on the Jahrom to Lar road, near Shiraz in Fars Province.
Vara or Wara Cave, the historical background divided into four main periods:
Ancient times to Sassanid's era, Sassanid's to Islam, after Islam and contemporary period.

Yakh Morad Cave
This cave is located at Nesa District of Gachesar in Tehran Province.
Stand at Tehran to (Karaj) Chalus road, about 60 Kilometers

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28-10-2022, 03:28 PM
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Iran Sightseeing Tour Guide

Iran Sightseeing Tour Guide

Damavand Guide
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Best source of info for climbing Mount Damavand. Specialist in mountain guided tours and ascends in Iran.

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