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GPS Tracks FAQ1 Mount Damavand Iran

Q- I’m wondering if it would be possible to get the original gps tracks for Mount Damavand in KMZ-file format with all the place marks and tracks that the JPG images on the site are made from? I found some downloadable Google Earth files but they were just one place mark in each file and wasn’t the full package as you can see on the JPG formats. If it would be okay with you I would really appreciate if you could email me your full original KMZ-file. I love maps and Google Earth and it would be really cool to check this out.

A- I wonder if you have seen the folloing pages:
GPS Tracks in Mt Damavand Info Center
GPS Tracks in Mount Damavand Guide.

Perhaps you have visited only this page?!
GPS Landmark which indicates just the points and not the tracks.


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GPS Tracks FAQ2 Damavand

Q- I have checked out the GPS Track files for Mount Damavand, but I was just wondering if you had them all in one package in KMZ-format.
But if not, It’s no problem, I can put it together myself.
A- I have recorded the files in seperat part; there are some sofware which you may attach them together.

Q- I have uploaded Mt Damavand GPS coordinates to my GPS! Seems to work perfect. A very good climbing aid!
A- You are welcome.


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