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Village of Lasem
In the heart of Iran's Alborz Mountains is the village of Lasem. The village has a wonderfully lovely natural setting and is a component of the city of Amol. Just a few of its many alluring attractions include the Butterfly Area, the Cold Water Fountain, and the view overlooking the magnificent Waterfall of Morad. The Doberar Mountain, as well as the main kind of vegetation and trees, surround the settlement. The settlement is next to a river that used to flow into Lake Lasem, but due to landslides and unspecified excavation of the area, among other natural occurrences, there is no trace of the lake left. In Mazandaran Province, Lasem is a small village adjacent to Haraz Road.

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Limitations for Lasem Village Ski Touring
Remember that Lasem is a small, deserted community without a restaurant or other lodging options like a hotel, hostel, refuge, lodge, or shelter if you're considering sleeping there while ascending Doberar Peak or Changiz Chale. Since there are so few tiny local homes in this area, there won't be enough places to stay if multiple ski teams visit the area at once. Booking in advance is highly recommended, as is staying at the Polour Mountaineering Hut. The nearby hostel Polour Lodge is extremely excellent.

Skiing on Doberar Mountain, a remote mountain
Skiers searching for a wilderness experience before tackling Damavand ski touring frequently head to Doberar, Angemar, Chengizchal, and other peaks on Iran's northern slopes. From late March to mid-April is the ideal time to go skiing in the area. Skiers can descend from the point's crest to the village of Lasem at 2550 meters. The valley between the peaks is where you should ski down. In a year with above-average spring snow accumulation and decent snow conditions, you might find continuous ski-able snow all the way down to the Lasem Village. Skiers must climb the steep slopes of the aforementioned valley from the several Doberar peaks.

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Most trip organizers advise commencing the ski touring in early April or early May, when the weather is frequently ideal, to enhance the likelihood of reaching Mount Damavand's peak. At 5,670 meters, there is a very significant avalanche risk beginning in April, along with chilly temperatures and frequent strong winds. Even with your best efforts, you could still have to carry your skis up the last few vertical meters on your backs.

Lasem during the summer (Hiking & Trekking)
As soon as you reach the Lasem plain, an exhilarating journey to the village of Lasem and its spotless surroundings will begin. Lasem has the most spring-like circumstances in the summer because of its temperate climate. A lush, high plain with a lovely setting may be found on the northern slopes of Mount Doberar and is perfect for camping. So enjoy the weather while it lasts since Tehran will soon be without it. Mounts Doberar and Damavand can both be seen as part of the same excursion.

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More information on Village of Lasem
Unlike other villages in this area that are sinking in valleys, this magnificent community is located in a lovely and large plain that runs from west to east and is about 2 km wide from north to south. Even if water does not reach the trees and seedlings planted at the base of the valley or the high altitude, most meals can be maintained fresh and unspoiled for a long time using cryogenic technologies. Polour Village Weather also has the most summer spring weather because to its cottage setting. So enjoy the weather while it lasts since Tehran will soon be without it.

Starting in the early morning, you can climb and trek through the area and enjoy the breathtaking surroundings. We believe that your trip to the Mazandaran province's natural beauty will be exhilarating. We'd be happy to see your photos and travels if you've gone to these locations before and have experience there as well.

[b]Myth of Climate and Beauty in Lasem[/b]
One of the most attractive locations with a distinctive summer draw is this village. At Polour Village, the branches of the Haraz River, Lasem, and the snowy highlands of the Doberar Mountains converge. Lasem is located at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level, and as a result of this altitude, it has both cool summers and bitterly cold winters. You might see rain, snow, and fog practically every year, even in August, as this characteristic is unusual elsewhere. The temperature in Lasem is colder than it was in the first camp in Damavand.

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Accessing Lasem Village
From Tehran, travel to Amol along the Haraz Road. Take a diversion to the east to go to the settlement of Polour, which is located five kilometers away. There is asphalt covering this road. Lasem Village is located about 15 kilometers from the Haraz Road interchange. If you're driving from Amol city to Tehran, you'll pass a junction and a bridge on the haraz highway before you reach Polour village. The sign for Lasem and Firouzkooh has been put up. A 15 km stretch of asphalt road runs east. Lasem Village is located about 20 miles from Haraz Road and Polour Settlement.

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