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Mount Tochal Tehran, Iran

Tochal Mountain 3965 m, is situated in the Alborz Mountains near Tehran, Iran. Mt. Tochal is the most well-known 4000 m peak near the capital city and due to its neiggourhood to Tehran it is a the most common height for trekking in the region. In recent years, hiking has become very popular in Iran. When Tochal Weather is good many Iranian and foreign climbers go for hiking, trekking, mountaineering and rock climbing on Iranian weekends Thursday/Friday. Tochal is the best peak for foreign mountaineers who live almost at sea level and need to have some acclimatization and preparation before Damavand Trek.

[Image: Tochal-Summit-1.JPG]

From late autumn to early spring, the higher parts of Touchal Mountain are covered by snow. In winters season it does snow in Tehran and the snow mainly melts away after a few days of sunshine. The same is true for the south slopes of Tocal below 2700 m. But patches of snow stay on the higher parts until early summer.

City of Tehran is placed on the southern slope of Tochal. Toucha summit is only few kilometers far from the city center. Mt Tochal is the best palce for acclimatization before trying Damavand. As it is a very good summit to become adapted to Iran mountains.

[Image: Tochal-Shirpala-Camp-1.jpg]

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