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Mt Ararat Turkey FAQ2 - Ardsol - 04-03-2012 09:42 PM

Ararat Mountain Turkey FAQ2

Q- To travel to Iran from Turkish border after climbing Mt Ararat, what we have to do? Rent a car to cross the border from Turkey to Iran or take a fly in Tabriz?

A- Fly to Tehran is the best idea, either directly from Turkey or from Tabriz in Iran.

Q- We, a group 4 people from…, we are planning to climb Mt Ararat (Turkey) and Mt Damavand (Iran).
Can you provide us with the guiding and logistic on Mt Ararat and Mt Damavand? Can you organizing such a expedition? Alternatively, can you refer us to the right people?

A- At the moment you may rely on our best services for MT Damavand because we are the leading mountain tour organizer in Iran. We are looking forward to find a reliable partner in Turkey" for Mt Ararat too.