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Favourite Damavand Itineraries - Ardsol - 29-02-2012 09:40 PM

Favourite Damavand Itineraries for Foreign Mountaineers

There are different itineraries for mountaineers with different physical fitness to attempt Mount Damawand, Iran. These travel plans are mostly recommended for incoming tours and foreign tourists. Visit all Itineraries, choose a program, such as 4A - Four Days, 5B - Five Days or do some modification to one of them to best suit your plan. Let us know some more info about your team, so we can give you the best advice.

Favourite Itineraries for Mt Damavand South Route

4A - Four Days Itinerary Mt Damavand
Duration : 4 days 3 nights.
A relaxing itinerary, recommended for foreign climbers and incoming tours.

Day 01 - Arrival Day
Arrival to Tehran. Transfer by car directly from IKA airport to the first camp Polour. Overnight at Camp 1 Polour Hut.

Day 02 - Starting Day
Drive by car from first camp to second camp Camp 2 Base also called Goosfand Sara. Trekking to third camp, Camp 3 Bargah. Overnight at Camp 3 New Hut.

Day 03 - Summit Day
Start climbing to the summit. Return back to third camp. Overnigh at Camp 3 New Hut.

Day4 - Return Day
Descend down to the second camp. Transfer to the first camp and then to Tehran.

5A - Five Days Itinerary Mount Damavand
Duration : 5 days 4 nights.
Start/End : IKA International Airport or Tehran Hotel.
Most favourite itinerary among foreign mountaineers.

Day 01: Arrival Day
Arrival to Tehran. Transfer from IKA International airport to Camp1 Polour Hut. Overnight at Camp 1 Polour.

DAY 02: Starting Day
Transfer by 4WD cars to Camp2 Base, as far as car can go up. Trekk to Camp 3 Bargah. Overnight at Camp 3 Bargah Sevom New Hut.

Day 03: Acclimatization Day
Ascend to near by heights. Overnight at Camp3 New Hut.

Day 04 - Summit Day
Start climbing to the peak. Return back to Camp 3. Overnigh at Camp 3 New Hut.

Day 05 – Return and Departure Day
Descend down to camp2. Drive to Camp1 and to Tehran.


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More info for Trekking Mount Damavand, Iran - Sherpa - 06-09-2021 09:08 AM

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Mount Damavand trekking tours - Ardsol - 02-09-2023 04:15 PM

Mount Damavand trekking tours

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