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Booking Damavand Huts FAQ - Ardsol - 29-02-2012 03:00 PM

Booking Mount Damavand Huts for incoming tours

Please find the latest update for Booking Damavand Camps in our main website HERE.

For the registered travelers to Damawand Mountain in private tour categories, we try to book mountain camps and we do our best to support their accommodation with beds in private rooms on Damavand huts.

Registered Clients
Q- Do we need to book the huts by ourselves? We have registered our Damavand program?
A- No, we will do our best to book huts for the registered clients.

Non-Registered Clients
Booking Damavand Camps and Huts FAQ for
Q- We are not registered clients, how can we reserve the huts?
A- Unfortunately at the moment it is very difficult to book the Mt Damavand huts in crowded months like June, July, August and September, especially in Iranian weekends (Thursday - Friday) and holidays. We hope the hut reservation will get better and much organized in the coming years. Visit also Crowd.

Q- Are the Damawand huts and shelters available also in April? Do we need to make a reservation for beds?
A- Shelters and camp1 are open all season, but for Camp3 Hut you better make reservation because it might be closed in winter condition.

Q- Can we book the Damavand huts by email?
A- We have no idea how to book Mt Damavand camps by email.

Q- How to book the Demavand huts and what is the latest time for booking?
A- Unfortunately it is very difficult to book the Mt Damavand huts in crowded season in advance.

Q- Do we need to book the Damavand huts?
A- Yes, it is recommended to reserve hut in crowded seasons.

Q- When could we know, whether you can booked Mt Damavand huts or not?....
A- Sorry I have no idea and I can not answer or guarantee any thing in this regard, and as I mentioned it is difficult in summer. I will just try few day before and we could know only on the starting date.

Q- Can Damavand Mountain hut beds and rooms be booked via you in advance?
A- We would do our best for you if possible!


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Booking Damavand Huts FAQ2 - Ardsol - 12-03-2012 12:49 PM

Booking Damavand Mountain Camps and Huts FAQ2

Q- Do you use huts or tents for accommodation on Damavand Mountain?
A- We book and use new hut private rooms for our tours.

Q- Is there any beds in Damavand huts?
A- Yes, there are bunk beds in Camp 1 Polour Hut and Camp 3 New Hut.

Q- Are there any beds, toilet, can we use the hot water showers in camps?
A- At camp1 Polour Hut you may find: beds, toilet, hot water, shower, kitchen and cooking equipments.
At camp3 New Hut there are: beds, toilet (outside), kitchen and cooking equipments.

Q- Can you please tell me what facilities are available at Polour Camp and Bargah Camp. For example, are there mattresses to sleep on? Is there hot water available for making food or do we have to bring our own water and stove?
A- Polour Hut and Bargah Sevom New Hut have most of the mentioned facilities, for more info Camps.

Q- I wondered if you know if the shelters on the southern route are open in March or if it is more advisable to bring the own tent, sleeping bag and cooker.
A- All shelters are open in March, but it is recommended to book and use Camp 1 Polour Hut and Camp 3 New Hut, in this case you do not need to bring extra gears.

Q- Could you please send me some information about the "refuge" on south route of Damavand volcano?
A- Visit How to Climb.

Q- Can we use the private room in camp1 and camp3 hut in August? Or we should use shared room with the other climbers?
A- There are private and public rooms in hts. You should book private rooms in any hut in advance because August is a very crowded season.

Q- Are there possibilities to boil water in the huts without bringing our own stove?
A- Yes, there are kitchen in the huts which you can use.

Q- Are there beds available in huts?
A- Yes, in camp1 Polour Hut and camp3 new Hut, there are rooms plus beds.

Q- Do we need to book the huts?
A- Yes, it is recommended to reserve hut in crowded seasons.

Q- In winter when the gravel road is closed, is there any possibility to sleep somewhere else other than in tents?
A- From Camp1 Polour you can go by car towards camp2 Base as far as car can go and after 1 to 2 hours trekking you will reach the base camp or camp2, and from there by 5 to 7 hours you can reach camp 3 which is the last camp. So if you start early morning from camp1, you will reach camp3 in time.


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Find How to Trek Damavand Iran - Sherpa - 01-09-2021 12:50 PM

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