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Camp3 Bargah New Hut Damavand - Ardsol - 28-02-2012 10:56 PM

FAQ Camp3 Bargah Sevom New Hut Damavand Iran

[Image: Damavand-Camp3-Hut.jpg]
Damavand Camp3 New Hut 4250m

Q- Can I leave my extra gears such as tent, sleeping bag etc. beside camp 3 and start my ascent?
A- Yes no problem.

Q- - We are planning to sleep at Damavand Camp 3 in our own tent. Is it necessary to book a campsite?
A- No, it is not necessary to book a campsite, but is recommended to book and use the Camp3 New Hut rooms.

Q- If we book a place in the camp3 new hut, do we need to bring our mattress?
A- No, the idea is that you climb with less equipments.

Q- I am planning to use Damavand new hut in August, is it vacant?
A- It is crowded in August; it is a good idea to book a place in advance.

Q- Is the new constructed hut ready by now?
A- Yes.

Q- can you tell me how many people camp3 new hut can accommodate?
A- About 100, it is quite big.

Q- We are planning to go in May, will be new shelter in Camp3 open for this time?
A- Yes.


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