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Damavand General Info FAQ - Ardsol - 24-04-2012 12:03 PM

Damavand General Info FAQ1
Different questions in various categories about Mt Damavand Iran.

Q- How many of the people joining tours approximately reach the top?
A- The chance of success depends to the timing, weather and the mountaineers experience and physical fitness of a team, when all are good and in order, all or most mange to reach the summit and when the condition is not so good, it is recommended not to risk your life. See also Alerts and Warnings in Winter Climb.

Q- Do you provide certified mountaineering guide with medical experience?
A- Please let us know what do you need exactly.

Q- What is the distance from the airport to the base camp ?
A- Tehran IKA Airport to Camp 1 Polour distance 133 Km, See more details in Facts And Figures.

Q- Should we use any flight to Mt Damavand or should we transfer by a car there?
We are not interested to use any domestic flights in Iran!
A- There is not any flight to the area and you must go there by car. You understand the aviation situation and the standards here!


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Find more data for Trekking Mount Damavand Iran - Ardsol - 31-08-2021 10:43 AM

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