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Routes Damavand Q&A - Ardsol - 26-03-2012 06:38 PM

Routes Damavand Mountain Q&A 1

Q- I read on various sites that the North Face is the most exciting side to climb or do you have other experience, is there other routes that are very good views and a little more difficult as well? From what time in the year would it be possible to do the North side?
A- We organize Mt Damavand tours for any Route, see also Difficulty for all routes. In any itinerary the safety and comfort of the team is our main priority. Read the Advantages of South Route first.

Q- Any difference between the North and South Routes?
A- Considering difficulty and climbing grades, there is a big difference between the South and the North routes, especially in winter and bad weather conditions. Our recommendation for ordinary mountaineers is the South route. Visit Difficulty and Climbing Grade for different routes od Damavand Iran.

Q- I think the North side ascent would be the most interesting option in May/June?
A- The north face is not recommended for novices in May/June because it has too much snow in that period.


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Routes Damavand Q&A - Ardsol - 26-03-2012 06:50 PM

Routes Mount Damavand Iran Q&A 2

Q- We would like to go to Damavand by west route, but I didn't find information, maps or itinerary about this way. Is it possible to send me some info, pleas? Thank you very much!
A- Unfortunately as you have mentioned there is not enough detailed info in English for the west routes of Damavand. See a short description about West Route Here. The best starting point is Camp1 Polour. You can buy a map at Camp1 and get a car to take you to the trekking point called parking.

Q- Is it possible to ascend Mt Damavand from the north side in May.
A- North route it is one of the difficult sides in May, you should be very strong and experienced climber to attempt north face in May. See also Winter Climb.

Q- We would prefer to ascend on the west or north face route.
A- No problem, we may organize in any route you wish. Read the Advantages of South Soute first and then visit Damavand Difficulty.


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Find more info for Mount Damavand Trekking - Ardsol - 09-09-2021 09:00 AM

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