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Full Version: GPS Tracks Damavand South Route
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Useful GPS tracks for south route Mt Damavand Iran

You may uploaded these data to your gps device to find the precise location and direction during the Damavand trek.
In case of bad weather and poor visibility, it is very useful and it could save your life.

The best starting point to attempt Mt Damavand is Polour Village:
Tehran> Camp1 Polour> Camp2 Base> Camp3 New Hut> Damavand Summit.

[Image: Damavand-Map.jpg]
Damavand South Route Map

For south route GPS Track in GPX Format refer to Damavand Info Download Page.
1- Track Camp1 to Camp2
2- Track Camp2 to Camp3
3- Ascend Trak Camp3 to Summit
4- Descend Track Summit to Camp3

Also you may be interested in the following GPS Track in GPX format:
1- Tehran to Camp1
2- IKA Airport to Camp1 Polour

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