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Itineraries FAQ 1 Damavand Mountain, Iran

Q- Would it be possible to do Mt Tochal and Mt Damavand in one program. Would we have enough time to climb both summits in 2 weeks?
A- Yes, no problem, quite enough.

Q- How many days should be planned for the Damavand summit?
A- It all depends to your physical fitness and the amount of Acclimatization you need. We may recommend 5A- Five Days Itinerary.

Q- Which Mt. Damawand itinerary do you think is best for us according to our age (above 50).
A- The 5A- Five Days Itinerary is our recommended itinerary for most mountaineers to Mt Damavand Iran.

Q- Do you know how many days we need for to ascend Mt Damavand?
A- Please visit Itineraries.

Q- Unfortunately I cannot find the page on your website for Mt Damavand itinerary. Would you please advise what is the best itinerary.
A- There are different itineraries for Mt Damavand, please visit Favourite Itineraries.


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Itineraries FAQ 2 Mount Damavand Iran

Q- Our mountaineering team would like to stay in Iran for 9 days (and even more).
We have already sent some groups for Damavand climbing and our itineraries are different. I'm afraid that your version is too moderate and also we'd like to show more to our climbers.
Here are our programs and I'd like you to comment them please:

Day 1:
Early arrival to Tehran. Transfer to a 3* hotel. Free time for leisure, overnight.

Day 2:
Drive to Damavand south face. Trek to the first camp Goosfand Sara at 3000 m.

Day 3:
Trek up to 4000 m for acclimatization. Back to the 1st camp for dinner and overnight.

A- I think your suggested itineraries needs some modification, We recommend some changes to your program.

Day 1:
Generally speaking, flights arrive to Tehran after midnight, if we take them to their hotel, and if they go for the free time for leisure and sightseeing during the day, they may need to stay the second night at hotel too, it is better to take the climbers to the Camp1 Polour in the morning to have enough time for acclimatization.

Day 2:
We do not recommend Camp2 Base (Goosfand Sara) any more, because it is too crowded and too dirty and not suitable for foreign climbers. Read more in Camp2 Base and Warning.

Day 3:
It is much better to trek up to 4250m and stay overnight in Camp3 New Hut, two nights at camp3 to save their energy and give them better acclimatization to increase their chance of success on the summit day.


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Itineraries FAQ 3 Damavand Volcano Iran

Q- Which itinerary is the best from your advice for Damawand Mountain?

Day 2:
From Camp 1 to Base Camp by car. rest there for Acclimatization. Night in tent (provided by you).

Day 4:
Summit day and back to Teheran. Is it really hard to go all the way down?

A- In any itinerary the safety of the team is the main priority, some modification is recommended in your program:

Day 2:
Transfer by car from camp1 to Base Camp and trek to camp3, over night at Camp3 New Hut.
This transfer to camp2 usually takes only one our by car! So it is better to take best advantage of the day, and the most important thing is the bad situation of Camp2 Goosfand Sara or so called base camp, it is the worst campsite in the area and it is not recommended for any use or acclimatization in summer time because it is too crowded and too dirty and huts are a safer place in case of bad weather or emergency, See also Warning.

For your team the summit day is the hardest day of the tour and your team could be too tired to keep going to Tehran, so after descend down from the peak you better to stay the night at camp3 new hut.


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Itineraries FAQ 4 Damavand Iran

Q- We (5 pax) just sumitted the Mount Ararat. We are climbers with experience in alpinism and we can lead with 60% couloirs. What kind of program do you suggest to ascend Mt. Damavand in Iran.
A- Our suggested itinerary for your Mt Damavand tour is four to five days Itinerary.

Q- We are 4 (maybe 5) Spanish climbers that want to organize a private expedition to Damavand Iran next July. What do you recommend as itinerary for Damavand south route?
A- You have chosen a good timing. The most favorite and relaxing itineraries recommended for foreigners and incoming tours is 5A- Five Days Itinerary.

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