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Full Version: Booking Damavand Camp3 Hut FAQ?
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Booking Damavand Camp3 Bargah Sevom New Hut FAQ?

Please find the latest update for Booking Damavand Camps in our main website HERE.

Please Note:
For the registered travelers in Damavand Private Tour Package, we try to book Damavand camps and we do our best to support their accommodation with beds in private rooms on Damavand huts.

Q- Is it possible to book accommodation in Mount Damavand Camp 3 New Hut in advance in August?
A- I am not sure; it is difficult in summer time.

Q- How early do we need to book our accommodation for Damavand in May?
A- Although the huts may not be crowded midweek and off season, but it is better to book your place at camp3 new hut.

Q- What is the email address for booking information for the "Damavand New Hut" as well as "Camp 1".
A- Unfortunately at the moment it is very difficult to reserve Damavand huts by email in crowded season in advance. especially Camp3 New Hut. Visit also Crowd.

Q- I am planning to use the Damawand new hut in August, is it vacant?
A- It is crowded in August; it is a good idea to book a place in advance.

Q- I plan to climb Mt Damavand at May 5- May7. Can you help me to know how to book bed on Camp 3 (Camp3 New Hut) shelter 4220M? I have experience before to climb,
A- It is recommended to book your place (in Camp3 New Hut) when you arrive at Camp1 Polour.

Q- Is it possible to book accommodation in Camp 3 New Hut Damavand in advance?
A- Unfortunately for summer time we have no clear answer to your question!


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