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Accommodation FAQ1 Damavand Mountain

Q- Where do you recommend for accommodation to Climb Damavand Iran ?
A- Camp1 Polour and Camp3 Bargah Sevom New Hut. For more info visit Accommodation.

Q- Are you able to organize accommodation for a Damavand trip?
A- Yes no problem, on the mountain we usually book and use huts private rooms with bunk beds (instead of shelter, refuge and tent), and in Tehran we use 3 to 5 star hotels with 1 to 4 beds per room.

Q- What do you think? Is it better to rent a tent or use the hut in camp3 Damawand?
A- Try to book and use the New Hut at Camp 3, remember in case of bad weather and emergency, no ordinary tent can stand there, but you are quite safe at the hut.

Q- We will sleep in Demavand huts. What kind of bed linen can we expect, sleeping bags?
A- There are bunk beds with blankets at huts, if you wish you may bring some clean cover for beds.

Q- I want to ask if you can advise me with low budget, but affordable accommodation in Teheran.
A- There are some low price guest hoses in Tehran, visit Hotels.

Q- Is any suitable accommodation place in camp2 base Damavand.
A- No, do not rely on Camp2 Base (also called Goosfand Sara or Mosque).

Q- Is there any other shelter you can recommend in stead of Camp 2 Base for accommodation?
A- Use Camp 1 Polour Hut and Camp 3 Bargah New Hut.

Q- If we stay over night at Damavand Camp2 base/Goosfand Sara, we have to use tent plus sleeping bag?
A- Yes tent and sleeping bag and not the shelter in summer, we do not suggest this camp for any use.
See also our advise in Warning.


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Accommodation FAQ2 Damavand Volcano, Iran

Q- Can we rent a tent for our Travel to Damavand? we would like to sleep in the tent in Camp3 Bargah Sevom.
A- Yes it is possible, you better order it at first camp Polor to be ready before your arrive at third camp.

Q- Is it possible to hire a tent at Damawand camp 3 in crowded seasons?
A- Maybe, but to make sure about your place, you better to book it in advance.

Q- Is a sleeping bag is enough to stay the night in a tent at Demavand campsite3 in summer?
A- When the weather is good, a suitable sleeping bag is enough.

Q-We need hotel for our accommodation in Tehran and Abe Garm e Larigan.
A- No problem, choose which kind of Hotel you need, we could book them for you.

Q- Please give me --- hotel Tel no.
A- Visit Hotels.

Q- Could you possibly organize an accommodation for us in Lasem for three nights (including breakfast and dinner) in May or April?
A- Yes, but remember there is no hotel in Lasem and you have to use local homes only and we are not sure about meals there, because it is a quite remote area in winter season.

Q- We are travelling to Iran with our camping car, from your point of view is this possible to stay in our camping car or we must use the Damavand camp?
A- No problem, you may stay inside your car or use the camps.

Q- what kind of accommodation will be at Mount Damavand Camp 1 & Camp 3 (I think we will not have to sleep at Camp 2)
A- To have some idea about these campsites, you may visit photo gallery in the related topics, quite good places, you will have a good accommodation there. You better forget about Camp2 Base.


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