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All Equipment and Gears List FAQ Damavand

Q- Do you have a list on what to bring for a summer trek?
A- Visit Summer Equipment.

Q. Can you send us a list of mandatory gear we should bring?
A- Please visit Equipment.

Q- What do we need for personal equipment in September?
A- Visit Equipment, (plus some warm clothing.)

Q- Can I have a list of required equipment?
A- Visit Equipment.

Q- It is now close to our visit in Iran, and we have some questions. Do you think it is necessary with a down jacket?
A- Please bring all the necessary gears with you, depending to the Damavand weather and route condition on the summit day we will decide which one to take with us and which one to leave behind at camp 3.

Q- Is there anything special gear, what we should take to the hike?
A- Visit Equipment List.

Q- kindly be informed that we are all well prepared with the required Damavand equipment.
A- See also required Equipment List.

Q- any suggestions about clothing?
A- Have enough warm clothing , see also Equipment.

Q- How much "logistics" do you think we need? I expect that we bring sleeping bags and all hiking gear with us. We may bring food for 3 days as well as a stove.
A- I believe you have the necessary logistics with you.

Q- Any special equipment do we need for the summer climb.
A- No special equipment for summer ascends, ordinary mountaineering equipment is enough.

Q- I have just climbed Mt Ararat, what other gear must I bring for Mt Damavand?
A- The same as Ararat!

Q- Does Tehran have a number of outfitters that carry necessary gear so I might buy these things on arrival?
A- Yes you can find all your needs in Tehran, you just need one (or two) extra day(s) for shopping in Tehran.

Q- How to buy some basic logistics support in Iran?
A-You can find any thing you need in Tehran.

Q- The equipment we don't need during the summit day, I expect we can leave them in a safe place at camp 3?
A- Yes you can.

Q- Can we leave some of our things at Camp 3 somewhere...
A- Yes, give your extra stuff to the guy in charge of the Camp 3 New Hut, generally speaking it is safe to leave them at your tent too.

Q- Can you help us to arrange somewhere we can put our gear that we are not taking with us on Damavand?
A- No problem, you may leave unnecessary ones behind in Camp 1 Plour or in your hotel in Tehran.

Q- of course we can bring our equipment, but in rest of our expedition, we would like to travel in few parts of Iran, it will be uncomfortable to bring it all the way.
A- It is possible to leave unnecessary stuff behind in you hotel or Polour Hut till you come back.


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