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Full Version: Booking Damavand Camps
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Booking Damavand Camps
In Crowded Season it is very difficult to book a private room at Damavand campsites, especially Camp 3 New Hut. At this time there is no specified email address for booking. Damavand tour operators refer directly to Camp 1 Polour and make the reservation and confirmation.

Private Rooms
The common way is to do the reservation by tour organizers (and not by individuals). To make sure about your place you may pay deposit in advance to your tour agency few months before starting the trek and they do the reservation (if available). In none crowded season they work on the base of first come first served!

Public Rooms (Dorm)
There is no booking system for public rooms (dorms) in Camp 1 Polour Resort and also for Camp 3 New Hut. They work all season simply on the base of first come first served!

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