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Mount Damavand Tours FAQ1

Q- How do I apply for a Damawand Private Tour and how much dose it cost I am looking at 3 day or 4 day tour. Thank you.
A- First choose your Itinerary, then for the price of your trip visit Cost, fill the form and send it by email and let us know some more info about your trip so we can offer you the quotation.

Q- In a Damavand private tour would I be alone or part of a group.
A- Yes, this is your private tour and you will be alone, but you may invite someone to join if you prefer so.

Q- Would it be possible to go around the volcano before climbing it (in 3 days)...
A- No. Not recommended.


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Damavand Mountain Tours FAQ2

Q- Do you offer a budget trekking tour to Damavand South route.
A- We usually announce a group tour if there are at least four request and participant for a certain period. When you asked for an economy tour, we will offer you the lowest possible price.
Visit Mt. Damavand group tours.

Q- You put your net visit card regarding trekking on Damavand in Iran. Are you organizing it? Are you Persian? How much time does it take to get there from Teheran and back?
A- Yes, we are a team of experienced Persian mountain guides and organize a wide range of high quality Mt Damavand tours for hiking & trekking, climbing and ski mountaineering.

Q- What types of tours to Mt Damavand are running in October?
A- We offer only private tours and we do not have a shared tour in October.


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Damavand Tours FAQ3

Q- If you have a group organized this year we can explore the possibility of trekking Damavand with them. I absolutely love Iran, the land and the people.
A- You are welcome any time you wish to join our group tours. Visit Damavand Economy Tour.

Q- I am interested in Trekking Mount Damavand Iran this summer. Will you be running any trips? If so, what are the details and prices?
A- To best suit your time, we organize tailor-made private tours almost every week in summer. Visit Itinerary and Cost.

Q- What kind of Damavand Tours does your company offer from early September?
A- We may offer you a custom designed Private Tour for that period.


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Mount Damavand Tours FAQ4

Q- I would like to hire a guide or join a group for a hike in Iran (destination flexible) for about 1 week starting from around April +++ (dates also flexible). Would you be able to help? I am from +++ and will be travelling alone so would prefer to join some other people if possible.
A- We organize a wide range of hiking trekking tours, we may offer you a tailor made Private Tour in any season to best suit your time and will support you with the best logistic and services you need for your trekking, or we may suggest you a Group Tour in summer to reduce the cost and expenses of your travel to Iran. Let us know your feed back so we can discuss the details later.

Q- Is it possible to Climb Damavand in late summer?
A- Yes, no problem for ordinary mountaineers in good weather condition.

Q- I plan to trek Damavand in mid May. Can you help introduce a group to go together?
A- Unfortunately we do not offer Group Tour for that period, you can apply for a Private Tour any time you wish.

Mount Damavand Tours FAQ5

Q- Do you have any schedule for Damavand Trekking? Time to time we have individual clients whom we wonder to join to your groups if it's possible. Please write me about this possibility.
A- We have regular custom designed Private Tours and small group Group Tours for Mt. Damavand almost every week in summer and we take many foreign groups and individual to the summit each year. Your clients are welcome to join us.

Q- Concerning our 3 clients in the begin on June: if they would like to join your group to Damawand, will you have any in this period and which itinerary they will follow?
A- At the moment we have Registered tour for that period. For share tour visit Group Tour.

Q- Are you offering group tours starting on ---July to Damavend Mountain? We would not mind going with a little bigger group.
A- We organize Damavand tours in two gategories, flexible Private Tour any time you wish and non-flexible Share Tour.

Volcano Damavand Travel Tour Q&A6

Q- We are from +++ and are enquiring about a Guided Climb up Mt. Damavand around the middle of June. Are you running any tours around this time?
A- Visit Itinerary and programs, we are discussing private tours which are tailor made for that period. You may apply for a private and exclusive custom designed tour any time you wish to best suit your time.

Q- I am planning an Iran trip in July. I am interested in doing a Mt. Damavand Trek around the beginning of July. My exact dates are not fixed yet and I am flexible with my schedule. I am a moderate fit person with average trekking experience and I was thinking about the 5A or 6A Itinerary. I will be travelling solo and I was hoping there are shared groups during that period, that I could join with. Can you provide assistance with this trek, including group finding, guide and all the necessary arrangements? How much would be an approximate cost?
A- Visit our Group Tour Itineraries, which are suitable for single and solo mountaineers. You can also apply for a Private Tour any time you wish.

Mount Damavand Tours FAQ7

Q- I apologize for the inconvenience, I need to change my schedule for Trekking Mount Damavand for the beginning of January ---, arriving to Tehran on ++ January. Please let me know if you can help me with this situation. I will be waiting for your reply.
A- I will cancel the previously discussed itinerary and try to explain the postponement of your trip to our guides, driver, and other staffs involved. We hope to do our best for your new itinerary and discuss the details of new changes and situation.

Q- We would like a Guided Climb to Mt Damavand Iran. Are you running any tours around mid may?
A- We may offer you a tailor made Private Tour in any season to best suit your time and will support you with the best logistic and services you need for your climbing.

Q- Do run a Group Climbing Tour for Mt Damavand South route in November?
A- Unfortunately there is no request for Group Tour for that period; we are just discussing Private Tour which are fully tailor made for the group and their members only.

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