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Q- We are used to do tours in the Alps for a couple of days and are looking for something special, not crowded, really nice and somewhat challenging (about 7 to 9 hours of walking per day and about 1500 meters. alt.) in Iran. Sleeping in tents is ok when necessary but we would prefer other types of accommodations (in the Alps we always try to find simple hotels/huts/refuge). We do not necessarily need to go to Mt. Damavand as there might still be too much snow at this time of the year (April), but we could also take skis and do a ski trekking tour.
A- Please let us know how many days do you need for your hiking & trekking tour and what kind of logistic and services you need so we can give you the best possible services and discuss the details later.

Q- We are looking for a great trekking tour doing nice peaks on Alborz Mountains, being in a beautiful and not crowded/touristic area. Walking about 7/8 hours per day and doing about 1200/1500 mtr of altitude each day. Spending the night in little villages/hotel would be preferable to huts or tents. If we come across intresting sights on the way this would be a nice add on but it is not our focus.
A- More or less we understand what you are looking for, but there are some limitation for the long range routes in Alborz Mountain being covered by snow and ice in April, so we may consider some other routes in Zagros Ranges.

Q- Do you offer trekking to other summits (in May): Dowbarar 4250m, or Kholeno Bozorg 4390m...
A- Yes, but not recommended for trekking in May, suitable for siing in that period.

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