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Mt Damavand Iran Private and Group Tours
If you are interested in traveling to Mount Damavand Iran for hiking trekking, climbing or ski mountaineering, you can take part in two distinctive tour categories, an exclusive private tour or a group tour.

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Mt Damavand Tours
Damavand Private Tour
Fully tailored made Damavand tours are suggested for incoming foreign mountaineers to Iran, it is quite flexible as far as timing, itinerary, services are concerned. In this vip tour package you can get the most benefit of a custom designed private tour. It is a full package tour and all the services are included for travel to Iran and on mountain days. These quality trekking tours covers from a simple summer hiking, ideal for complete beginner, up to advanced alpine style winter climbing. For more details visit: Damavand VIP Private Tour

Damavand Group Tour
Group tour is a budget friendly plan for individual climbers who intend to share their costs with other mountaineers when money matters. Shared tour is not so flexible for timing and itinerary. It is not a full package tour, but despite some limitations it supports the necessary services for Mt Damavand Iran. It is designed to enable individual climbers to join a group of other mountaineers from different countries and climb in a team work with the lowest possible price. For more details visit: Damavand Economy Tour


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Services Supported in Damavand Private and Group Tours
The following services and logestics are supported exclusively for those clients who have registered their tours to Damawand Mountain .

Damavand Climbing Permit for foreign climbers. (*)
• Accommodations in Camp1 Polour Hut and Camp3 New Hut.
• Transfer from/to IKA Airport in Tehran. (*)
• Transfer to/from Tehran to the first camp.
• Transfer by 4WA cars to/from the first camp to the second camp.
• All scheduled meals while in the mountain huts.
• Mountain food and lunch box during the expedition.
• Drinking bottled water.
• Mountain Guide.
• Hotel reservation in Tehran.
• Cooking gear.
• Sleeping bag and tent (if necessary).
Iranian visa. (*)

Note (*)
Services and logistics marked by (*) are excluded and not supported in group Tours.

Services Not Supported
• Hotel charges in Tehran.
• Medical/evacuation and trip insurance.
• Unscheduled stay day/night on mountain or at Tehran hotel.
Personal Equipments.


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