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Transport FAQ1 to Mount Damavand and Iran Ski Resots

Q- Please can you provide a direct transfer from
(i) IKA International Airport to Dizin and, alternatively, from
(ii) IKA International Airport to Shemshak?
A- Yes, We support you with the mentioned transportation to the Iran ski resorts. Visit Services.

Q- Do you think you could help us to transport our equipment to Gusfandsara or to another starting point of Damawand ?
A- No problem. We can support you with a full package tour, or any single Service you need for your travel to Iran.

Q- We arrive at Teheran Airport on +++, presumably at +++. Do you have any information on the next possible transfer to Palour or Reyneh, which time and from what place it will depart?
A- There is no direct public transport such as bus or train to the area. Indirect transfer to Camp1 Polour looks like this: from IKA airport, Airport taxi to Tehran Terminal Shargh + bus to Haraz Road, polour junction + taxi to Camp1 Polour.
But you can book a private car which meet you at IKA Airport and take you directly to Camp1 Polour as you arrive.


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Transport FAQ2 to Mt Damavand and Iran Ski Resots

Q- I wonder whether you can include an extra transfer in our package, pls advise.
A- Due to the number of your group, change in transfer, itinerary and the required logistic will affect the price.

Q- We are trying to plan our skiing expedition to Mount Damavand Iran. Is it possible for you to organize transport from Teheran airport?
A- We support incoming groups with the best possible services for climbing and ski mountaineering.
Let us know the exact logistic and support you need so we can discuss the details.

Q- We need Transport to Rudbarak for some acclimatisation tours with our skis, maybe you know a better place for our preparation !?
A- Yes, there are better ski resorts for acclimatisation such as Dizin, Shemshak, Tochal, and Lasem,
Visit Iran Ski Resorts.


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Transport FAQ3 to Mt. Damavand and Iran Ski Resots

Q- It would be very nice to have a driver who speaks a bit English.
A- Generally speaking drivers do not speak English, but I will try my best.

Q- We need a car from Tehran to the base camp?
Please let me know which camp do you mean as the base camp: Camp1 Polour or Camp2 Base. Because for the second camp you need to change the car at camp1 and continue to Camp2 with 4WD cars.

Q- We need a car from hotel to the IKA airport Tehran?
A- No problem.

Q- Can you organize the transport from the bus terminal where busses from the Turkish border arrive, to a hotel in Tehran.
A- Sorry, we can not support you for this transportation.


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Transport FAQ4 to Mt Damavand and Iran Ski Resots

Q- We are a group of 8 mountaineers who want to Summit Mt Damavand, Iran. Can you organize transport to & return from the hotel in Tehran to base camp 2 (Gusfand Sara, Base Camp) and the transfer from the hotel in Tehran to the IKA International Airport.
A- We can offer you these transportation (to/from) Damavand as follow:
a- Transfer by mini/middle bus from Tehran hotel to Camp1 Polour, and back
b- Change the car at camp1 then by 4WD car drive to Camp2 Base, and back
(you need to change the car at camp1 and continue to Camp2 with 4WD cars.)
C- Transfer by mini/middle bus from Tehran hotel to IKA Airport.

Q- I would like to visit Damavand area in June I need Transport to and from Tehran?
A- Please let me know your exact starting points and the number of your team. Do you want to start from a hotel in Tehran or from IKA Airport or anywhere elss?

Q- What is the best way to transport ourselves from the airport to "Camp 1".
A- Book a private car or use an airport Taxi.


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Transport FAQ5 to Mt Damavand and Iran Ski Resots

Q- Are there internal flights to Mt Damavand, Iran? We would rather go by land as we are worried about the safety of domestic airlines in Iran.
A- No, for Mt Damavand you do not need internal flights.

Q- Can you support us a transport to/from Tehran to Damavand in July?
A- Please mention your transportation in details! What do you mean by (Transport to/from Tehran)?

Transportation to/ from Damavand included:
- Transport from IKA Airport to a hotel in Teheran and back.
- Transport from Tehran to first camp and back.
- Transfer by 4WA cars from first camp to base camp (as far as Car can go up) and back.


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