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Full Version: Climbing Permit Damavand Q&A
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Climbing Permit Q&A 1 Mount Damavand

Q- Is there any permit fee for Damavand Mountain?
A- Yes, Iran Climbing Federation asks all foreign climbers to pay 50 USD climbing permit in all season, when you meet their representative is in the area you better to pay.

Q- Is any permission fee is required in winter?
A- Yes, climbing permit is 50 USD per person.

Q- -Is a permit needed on Damavand and other mountains? If yes how to get?
A- Yes, get it at Iran Mountain Federation Camp 1 Polour.


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Climbing Permit Q&A 2 Mount Damavand

Q- Where do we buy the USD 50 permit?
A- At Camp 1 Polour Hut.

Q- Could you arrange Damavand Permit?
A- Yes, At the moment Damavand climbing Permit price is 50 USD per person.

Q- Where do we buy the permits? (at Camp 2 (Mosque) or at Camp 3)?
A- Better to obtain it at Camp 1 Polour (or Camp 3 New hut).

Q- The price of the Permit is still 50 US$ per person ?
A- Yes, it is the same price yet (March 2012).


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In what currencies the permit should be payed?
The permit fee can be payed in US Dollars (50 USD), or the equivalent in Euros and Iranian Rials (Tomans).

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