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Route Maps Damavand Q&A 1

Some common questions asked through emails requesting Damavand route maps which we answered with a similar reply!

Q- We plan a trip to Iran in May. Last summer we were on Elbrus top. This year we want climb on Damavand top. But unfortunately I can't find good Iranian map and Damavand map too. In our country such maps don't sell, and I can't find in the Internet. On your portal I have found Damavand map Could you please send me this map? We will be very grateful.

Q- I'd like to get the full size Damavand image maps, because we are planning to go to the Damavand next year in July.

Q- We are planning a visit to Iran this summer. Could you please send me the full size maps for Mt Damavand?

Q- I found your web site while I was searching for info about climbing Mt Damavand. The maps on your site would be very helpful for me, but they are of low resolution. Could I ask you for full size maps? I especially interested in this Map, but other would help me as well.

Q- As mentioned on your webpage, I hope you can send me higher resolution graphics of the Damavand maps.

Q- We are planning to visit Iran in June and would like to climb the Mt Damavand. Could you please send us the full size map of the Mt Damavand?

Q- I'm interested in ascending the Damavand at the end of September this year. May you please send me the maps that are available free of charge? Thank you so much!

A- Attached please find the requested full size, high resolution Mt Damavand route map (in English), which is not available on our websites for download. Please note these maps are free of charge and for educational purpose only and not for sale.

Find also helpful topics in this regard, Google Earth, GPS Landmark and GPS Tracks.
Let us know your feed back if our info was useful for you.
If you need more info about Mt Damavand maps, ask your question in this topic.

Enjoy Mt Damavand Iran.

Route Map Q&A 2 Mount Damavand

Some more common questions also asked by emails with a similar reply!

Q- Do you know a book shop where I can find a trekking map in Tehran?

Q- Do you know if there are any available maps about Demavand Mountain? Where could we in that case buy it?

Q- Where can I find and buy a good Damawand map in Tehran?

A- Mountaineering sport shops on Vali Asr Ave., Near Moniriyeh Sq. Tehran.
A- Yes there are many maps you can find in Tehran book shops and sport shops in
1- Enqelab St. opposite Tehran University, Tehran.
2- Outdoor sport shops, Vali Asr Ave, near Moniriyeh Sq., Tehran.

3- Camp 1 Polour Hut, Polour Village.

And you may use Google Earth which you can see the routes much clearer.
Visit also helpful topics in this regard: Maps, GPS Landmark, GPS Tracks.

Route Map Q&A 3 Damavand Mountain

Q- Could you show me the pointers for google earth?
A- Yes, please visit Virtual Trip By Google Earth. If you have already installed Google Earth software just download and click on the files and enjoy!

Q- -Is it possible to find Mt Damavand good topo-maps which we can order on internet?
A- I am not sure!

Q- Is it possible to get a map of our acclimatization area?
A- Which acclimatization area map do you need, Mt Damavand or Mt Tochal? Here you can find Maps for Mt Damavand. We do not have map for Mt Tochal.

Q- Are maps available at Polour or Bargah Sevom?
A- Yes. You may find at Camp1 Polour and Camp3 New Hut.

Q- Is the track to the summit easy to find or not?
A- In clear day, clear sky and good condition, it is ok and easy to find . But in bad weather and fog it is difficult to find the way and footpaths especially when you return back from peak to Bargah Sevom. If you want to try it alone, it is a good idea to have a GPS unit with you and save these useful GPS Tracks to your unit.

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