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Physical Fitness Damavand FAQ1 Required Level for Damavand Ascend

Q- What is the required level of physical fitness for climbing Damavand?
A- Please Let us know some information about your mountaineering experience and your team individual fitness! What kind of mountains have you climbed so far? What was the highest elevation?
Please give any info which you think might be useful.

Q- In our group, some of us did Kilimanjaro but others have never climbed before. Is possible two organize separate teams for different level of fitness?
A- No problem. We organize a wide range of hiking trekking, mountaineering and climbing tours to Mt Damavand for different climbing levels, from beginner to advanced and experienced mountaineers.

Q- What is the required level of fitness for climbing Mount Damavand Iran?
A- Very good fitness is required for the summit, ordinary fitness for 4200m or lower parts.


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Physical Fitness Damavand FAQ2 Needed Preparation for Damavand Mountain Iran

Q- What physical preparation is required? Can everyone climb or do I need to be physically very fit?
A- Very good physical fitness is required to be able to summit Mt Damavand.

Q- Please let me know what sort of exercise would help me to be ready for the climb?
A- Mount climbing, running, cycling, swimming are very useful, and it is recommended to sleep few nights at the elevation about 4000m for better acclimatization.

Q- Please advise me what should I do and how to get fit for the climb.
A- These activities are very useful, running for 1 hour twice a week or walking-tracking for 2 hours 3 times a week, or cycling for 2 hours twice a week, best place to do these exercises are mountains or hills If you have any access, swimming for 2 hour twice a week.

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