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Booking and Registration Mt Damavand Trekking Tours

After discussing all the tour details and if all the terms are OK with you, we will book your Damavand tour in our event calendar. To enable us to make all the preparation in your itinerary, we will send you the instruction to pay deposit for the registration of your program to make all the necessary preparation in your itinerary in time.

In ordinary season we usually recommend our clients to complete their registration 30 days before the starting day, but in summer time especially in June, July, August and September which is high season for Damavand Trekking Tours, we could be very busy, so the sooner you finish the registration of your program the better.

To registration your tour, all participants are requested to pay 50 percent of their total cost as deposit 30 days prior to the departure date unless otherwise specified, and pay the remaining balances in cash in Euro on the first day of the tour. Visit Also Term of Payment.


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Mount Damavand mountaineering tours

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