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Pricing of Group Tour/Share Tour to Mt. Damavand Iran

Damavand Group Tour (also called share tour) is an economic tour which is financially cheaper than a Damavand Private Tour, it is intended to reduce the cost of individual travelers and allow them to join a group of mountaineers from other countries to Trek Damavand in a team work.

But Group Tour has the following limitations:
- It is not so flexible and you can not do some fine tuning to it.
- The starting day is fixed by the tour operator.
- The itinerary is limited to 3-4 days
- Some services are not included, such as Iran Visa Support and transport form IKA Airport to tehran.

If you have any inquiry about the cost of a group tour to Mt Damavand, fill in the following form and send it by email, the price is the same for all participants.

1- Your name(s):
2- Your age(s):
3- Gender(s):
4- Nationality:
5- Type of Tour: Damavand Economy Tour
6- Which program you are interested in: Program one, 11-13 June 2012
7- Exact number of participants in your team:
8- Your mountaineering skill(s):

Q- how much will it cost for a shared group?
A- Visit Damavand Economy Tours.


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