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Full Version: Arrival to Tehran FAQ 1
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Arrival to Tehran FAQ 1 for Registered Damavand Private Tours

Q- Our team are travelling from different parts of Europe and will arrive at different times. The others will mail you their arrival information on their own as soon as they can. How do you meet and arrange our transport to Damavand first camp?

A- We usually discuss a single transport per team. So, if you are coming with different airlines and in different times, then we will come to the airport and meet you and collect your group when the last person of you team arrives at IKA airport. Otherwise you may request for separate transports for different arrivals.

Q- How do we meet you at airport?
A- On the arrival day/night time we will stay at the last exit gate of the IKA Airport arrival flights and carry a sign with your name. In case due crowd we miss each other, we will meet you at information desk and will be in touch by mobile/cellular phone. Please remember to give us your mobile number in case we need to contact you.


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Arrival to Tehran FAQ 2 Common Questions

Q- At which Iranian airport usually the arrival international flights from Europe land in Iran?
A- IKA International Airport, in Tehran.

Q- What is the main domestic airport in Tehran, Iran?
A- MehrAbad Airport.

Q- Can I easily get a taxi to my hotel from Tehran airport after midnight?
A- Yes you can use yellow or green airport taxi, or we may take you to your hotel.

Q- Can you arrive at airport to meet our group? Our arrival flight is after midnight!
A- If you register your program, we will meet you at IKA Airport Tehran and transfer you to your hotel in Tehran or to the starting point of your mountain tour.

Q- What is the best way to go to hotel after arriving in Tehran?
A- You can take an airport taxi to your hotel, or if you have registered your tour, we may greet you at airport and take you to your hotel, or take you directly to a mountaineering campsite.


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Arrival to Tehran for Damavand mountaineering tour

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